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Great Bookish Black Friday Deals To Look Out For 2021 Edition

Black Friday, the yearly shopping spree that people look forward to (aside from Boxing Day of course) is right around the corner. Here are some deals to look out for if you’re an avid reader!

Before we get started, I want to clarify that some links on this page are affiliate links wherewith no additional cost to you, I will get a small commission if you decide to purchase the product after clicking the link. Disclosure policy here.

I’m not sure if some of the deals here are the official Black Friday deals or if they’re the pre-sales, but they are so tempting. Let’s get into it.

First up; Amazon. They currently have a good Black Friday promotion for their e-readers and had I been in the market for one I would probably buy one. But alas, I prefer reading on my phone or listening to an audiobook instead. They do have the Kindle Unlimited program, which is a monthly all-you-can-read subscription. I actually do have this, and it’s where I read most of my Thriller/Monster genre novels. Click the banner below to take a look! It costs $9.99 a month after the free trial.

If you are looking for an e-reader though, here is their cheapest version. Looking at the honey extension on chrome, this price seems like a good deal.

Next up, is Indigo! I used to love spending so much time going through the shelves at Indigo stores, and while I’ve spent less time there of late, it still holds a place in my heart. This bookstore is currently running a 30% off promotion for plum members, and 40% off for plum plus members.

This is awesome because I usually tend to buy other than aside from books, so I’m pretty sure this deal covers that. However, for the discount amount, I would probably a book or collection of choice. For example, Indigo currently has a 3-book set of the Shadow and Bone trilogy, and the 2-book set of the Six of Crows duology.

Kobo is a company that I thought to only have sold e-readers, and when I was in high school I used the kobo app a lot to buy my Romance and Thriller/Monster Novels. But did you know that Kobo also offers a similar program to Kindle Unlimited? It’s called Kobo Plus, and it costs the same as Kindle Unlimited.

However, for Black Friday, Kobo is extending the free trial from the original 30 days to 60. So you have extra time during the free trial to decide if that subscription is right for you. Click the banner below to learn more, and take advantage of the deal. The extended free trial is only available until December 3rd.

Rakuten Kobo Canada

Oh yeah, if you’re debating between Kindle Unlimited vs. Kobo Plus. Let me just say, that the catalogues for both subscriptions are very similar. I’ve only used Kindle Unlimited thus far, so I can’t really give a definitive answer on which one is the best.

Finally, we get to Book Outlet. It’s probably one of my current favourite places to shop for physical books (on that rare occasion) and their books are pretty heavily discounted. The only downside to this is that in-demand books will sell out very quickly, so at times their selection will seem a little small.

Now for Book Outlet, they are running a 25% off site-wide Black Friday sale. Seems a little low, but keep in mind that their books are heavily discounted compared to other places like Amazon or Indigo. Aside from their BOGO deals, I think this is a pretty fair offer!

Need just a little more incentive to shop? Use my referral link to sign up for an account on Book Outlet! You’ll receive a $5 coupon off your order of $25+, see here for details. My referral link is down below

Anyways, hope this gives you an idea of where the book sales are this year! Happy Shopping! Looking for a different list? Check this out!

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