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Bookish Valentine’s Day Gifts and Ideas

First of this year, but here are a few Valentine’s Day gifts and ideas that are geared toward the bookworm in your life. May not cover what everyone may want this Valentine’s Day, but here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and if you’re still looking for gift ideas or things to do in general with/for your special someone who just happens to be a bookworm, I got you.

Book Bouquet

This was insanely popular during the Christmas season so I think it could be something you can do year-round with success. individually wrap some books together in a shape that kind of resembles a bouquet, and support it with some cardboard. Or the easy route would be to arrange the books on a table in the shape of a bouquet of flowers and then decorate it that way.

If you don’t know what books your bookworm likes to read if you know their email you can likely find their wishlist. Or look at their bookshelf, their Goodreads etc.

Bookmark Bouquet

This is more of a DIY project but is insanely cute if you can figure out how to make it (by that, I mean I don’t know how but love the idea and would make it one day. Give your book lover a bookmark bouquet that looks like flowers! It will look like you’ve got a beautiful flower between pages and would look great in a cup, bouquet-style when you don’t need it. Here’s the idea:

Ticket to (Destination)

And by that, I don’t necessarily mean a trip abroad. I came across this Etsy store a year ago and they sell their version of these “ticket” look-alikes so it looks like you’re getting them a ticket to Hogwarts or something like that. They have Velaris, Elfhame and etc. I’ll link the one I found though I believe there are multiple stores selling similar items. Tickets To Magical Worlds.

Additionally, if you’re artsy, or want to give it a go, you can probably make your own version of these tickets through Canva with some patience.

Book Influenced Stuff

Bookworms love book-influenced stuff, so if you know that they’ve been eyeing a certain bookmark, a kindle unlimited subscription or even something that was mentioned in a book, go for it. It doesn’t happen as often anymore but I remember that I got super influenced to buy a certain perfume because a certain character I liked had used and loved that same perfume.

What I noticed is that lately, some romance books have taken to having the romantic interest giving a bracelet (usually a chain bracelet of some sort) to the lead character. Sometimes it’s gold, silver or if it’s a billionaire romance then diamond studded.

Book Related Stuff

Similar to things mentioned above, but more in line with stuff from LitJoy or something like that. Created by book lovers for book lovers. I try to avoid this temptation as much as possible so I don’t know too much about where to get these things, but I know some are also available on Amazon, Book Outlet and Indigo to name a few places. OwlCrate also has a lot of these and maybe more accessible to Canadians shipping-wise.

Limited Edition Book Stuff

Limited edition book stuff is the prettiest but it’s also sometimes super hard to get, so secondary dust jackets and etc. The same applies to some special edition books too. You can probably find some of them left, but the price is not going to be cheap. I think most of these are available on LitJoy.

Special edition books can usually be bought from bigger box stores as well or on the Author’s website. If you don’t know it’s also an option to ask around too.

Fan-Made Book Stuff

This by far is the most unique, but sometimes the process of creating these things will take time especially if the artist is in demand. I see a lot of artists advertising their own painted edges or cover art for books and I think that it’s a very unique thing to personalize a book with, though with how often I re-read my books I would probably not get many versions of this.

I also see a lot of book-related merch that is made through these artists and many of them are on a bucket list somewhere for me. Etsy would also be a great place to start looking for these too.

Hope this helps!

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