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New Additions To The Blog

Over the years, I’ve read across a lot of genres and formats, so I feel that it may be time to add another to what I read and also include it to the blog to get reviewed. That is to say, I’ve begun reading Manga/Manhwa/etc. and from this point on, it’s safe to say you’ll start to see reviews of them popping up on my blog occasionally.

The rate at which I publish the reviews for reads in this category will be slightly different and will increase or decrease in frequency depending on how many I’ve read through. The reviews and information system will also slightly differ from the system that I use for my books (and also will differ when I post this on Instagram as well), mainly because there are different characteristics. For example, one thing that I may take into account for this category are translations and relationship dynamics.

I’m appreciative of the stories in general, but based on what I’ve read thus far the relationship dynamics can make people continue reading a work or drop it entirely. I’ve started works that are very promising but the relationship dynamic given was predatory (or something else) that made many people drop it, so I feel like that’s something that needs to be considered before beginning and investing time into a manga/manhwa/etc.

Translations are also a big hit or miss with people, and if some aren’t good then it makes it a little harder to understand. Personally, I don’t weigh too heavily on the translations (really, it depends on where you read them) but I’ll be sure to note if there’s any glaring issues.

In addition to everything above, if the work is available in other mediums like light novels, anime, etc. I’ll be sure to mention that as well! I know others may enjoy the stories of these works in another format so that will be something I’ll mention if I can find information about that.

Now for the first review I’ll post, it’ll most likely by Hanyang Diaries. I currently hold a monthly subscription to Manta and until May 20th, 2024 this story was available there. While it’s no longer there, I’m hoping that it can get picked up somewhere else because it was just so good! Anyways, expect the review for this title to be out soon! And I look forward to any recommendations that I can hopefully pass along as well~

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