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Where To Find Sci-Fi, Thriller & Monster Books

These three genres I find are the most co-mingled out of everything else, I feel like because they have similarities that they sometimes get mistagged or mislabelled online. I’m not a professional but in my eyes, Sci-Fi books usually revolve around space, futuristic concepts and possibly post-apocalyptic storylines.

Sci-Fi books are best found in bookstores like Indigo, and Apple Books. There should be a good selection at your local library too, but I find that certain chain bookstores might have a wider modern range. For older novels, head to a local flea market or book store for them!

Thrillers are like the action movies of the book world, the ones I’ve seen and read were about spies, murder mystery cases, and the like. I’ve never touched upon this genre before, and I was so surprised that I liked it!

There is a wide selection of Thriller books everywhere, I found that for the best results try Kobo and Apple books, and your local library. If I’m not mistaken, I think there are also a few communities to recommend Thriller books on Goodreads.

Monster books are those that are between genres, and I find that they’re increasingly hard to find when you first get started. However, when you get on a roll they become increasingly easy to find with the occasional bad one in between like with most books.

The best results, I found were on Kobo and Kindle books. Some can also be found at your local library or bookstores, but I’m fairly sure they have to be big books like Jurassic Park or The Meg. In my opinion, Kindle books have a better selection because there are authors featured that aren’t anywhere else.

However, I’ve also found some great books on Kobo. So if you’re a Monster book fan I suggest investing in an iPad and bouncing between the two apps, and saving your money if you read more than 4 books a week by going with the Kindle Unlimited subscription (not sponsored).

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