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Where To Find Supernatural Books

Werewolves, vampires, witches and the like are typically separated like they are, but for the sake of keeping it simple, they will be under ‘Supernatural’ on my blog. I also don’t know about everyone, but these can be some of the hardest genre of books to find.

Well, let me re-phrase that correctly. The non-cringe ones depending on someone’s tastes can be one of the hardest genres to find. I grew up reading anything pertaining to werewolves on Wattpad, so there’s a lot I can handle but even I have limits.

Now, where to find these books? It depends . . . For those looking for vampires, there are a lot of databases with both older and more modern adaptions of vampire novels. Just looking up ‘vampire’ will also get you a lot of internet hits. But I recommend searching out those book databases that are all things vampire books, it makes it much easier and with how diverse the storylines can be, you can figure out what you like or don’t like quickly.

Your local library system and Apple Books (I use an iPhone) should have a decent selection of vampire or immortal novels.

The same thing applies to witches/warlocks and magic books, except the key to looking for them is all in how you word it, and where you search. Just googling ‘witch books’ might just take you to sites on how to cast spells or hire a witch, or wiki pages on historical books about the witch hunts and etc. Searching for ‘witch’ on Apple Books will work as a start, but to get more results scroll down and see what others also get alongside that specific ebook.

Some key search words you can probably use to find these types of books (other than the obvious ones) are: caster, magic, spells, spell weaver, mystic, sorcerer, sorceress. So far, like with vampires both the library system and Apple Books seem to have a decent selection.

Werewolves and shifters used to be so popular, and they still are. But I find that looking for these books kind of leads you to fanfiction sites and stories more often than not. Like the others above, it’s all about where you look and your keywords. My local library doesn’t seem to have a big selection, but I know for sure that Apple Books does have a great selection of these books.

Searches for ‘werewolf’ or ‘werewolves’ will bring up quite a bit, but I’ve been seeing a shift in trends where writers will now use the term ‘shifter/shifters’ since there are more animal species being thrown in as well. You can also use these to look for them, but with varying results: skinwalker, shifters, changelings, moon, pack, pride.

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