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Where To Get Started Reading Historical or Supernatural Romance Books

Romance is a genre that is very broad and like I’ve mentioned before, it can be a daunting task to start off with. Everyone will have their preferences and I think this little guide of which books, series or authors to start off with might help.

If you’re looking for Historical Romance novels, these author’s works are the best place to start: Tessa Dare, Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn, Eloisa James and Ella Quinn.

I highly recommend works from Tessa Dare for beginners, because there is a book for everyone in her works, there are rather sweet and cuddly romances to cozy up with in bed like ‘Lord Dashwood Missed Out’. And there are also longer reads like ‘Say Yes To The Marquess’, ‘The Duchess Deal’ and ‘Do You Want To Start A Scandal’. My personal favourite however was ‘Any Duchess Will Do’, because it contained a different spin from any other one of her books I’ve read before.

Julia Quinn is the author of the rather well-known Bridgertons Series, I’ve only read the first novel of the original series (The Duke and I) and it seems like a very straightforward historical romance type novel. Can’t go wrong with that!

On the other hand, Eloisa James’ ‘Wildes of Lindow Castle’ series has been stuck on my mind since I read the first book. I tend to read things out of order, but that series is a whole different kind of beast and it hooks you on. My favourites is ‘Wilde in Love’ and ‘Say No To The Duke’.

If you’re looking for Romance novels with more of a Supernatural flair, check out works from Lynsay Sands, Molly Harper and Sara Humphreys. Highly recommending both Lynsay Sands and Sara Humphreys because their works are phenominal in my opinion. Sara Humphreys’ ‘Dead In The City’ series was very interesting and a great mix of romance and action.

Her ‘Amoveo Legend’ series is also not one to be passed up, I feel like it focuses more on the Amoveo Legend/lifestyle than romance at times, but still great. I’m very slowly making my way through the novels at the moment.

Lynsay Sands’ Argeneau and Rogue Hunter series kept me on the edge of my seat throughout all of the 29 books I’ve gone through thus far from December to February. I had to make myself take a little breather from the series because I was (and still am) setting myself for a really big book hangover when I finish reading all the available books, I have no idea how I’m going to get through that.

I hope this little author and book series guide helps!

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