Work With Me

Hi there, are you interested in working with me? Let’s see how we can help each other out! I love reading, and I’ve been that way for as long as I could remember. I tend to read across a broad spectrum of genres, and I want to let others know that there are more books than those on a bestsellers list out there. Find out if we’re right to work together!

About Commuting Reads & Reviews

Commuting Reads & Reviews is currently a new book reviews and recommendations blog that is just starting out. As it grows, I want to be able to lead more people to books in genres that they probably won’t typically read. The four genres I tend to read are; Young Adult, Supernatural, Romance and Thrillers/”Monsters”.These genres somehow carry a small stigma around them for being cheesy, or too unrealistic for some readers. They can also be very saturated, and some great books tend to not get the love they deserve. And I aim to hopefully change that, one book review and recommendation at a time.

Ways We Can Work Together

​At the moment, Commuting Reads & Reviews is just starting out. Please check back later for options, and review samples. Thanks!