Where To Find YA (Young Adult Books)

YA (Young Adult) books are typically geared towards readers 14-18 years of age but can depend on the publishing house and the content in the book. I find that these genres of books are also very easy to find on mainstream channels.

One of the best places to find up and coming or trending YA books is by scrolling on Twitter or heading over to Epic Reads’ Youtube channel. Following Penguin Teen, booktubers and bookstores also will lead you to great finds too.

When I was a teenager, I spent a lot of my time at Indigo (a Canadian bookstore chain) in-store, on their Twitter and on their website. I would constantly go through the trending teen reads, and also would check their bargain books or book sale sections. You can actually find a lot of smaller less mainstream books to read at a fraction of the original cost, and the quality is just as great.

The great thing about YA books is that they usually naturally make their way into the local library system whenever the books is released, especially if they’re popular enough. It can be harder to find smaller less mainstream books though, depending on how far they are from mainstream channels.

I also recommend checking to see if there’s a bargain book store or website for your country, you can usually find a great variety of books there. For people in Canada and the United States, there’s a site called Book Outlet (that has a physical store in Saint Catherines, Ontario by the way) that sells books at a discounted price. The books are usually excess inventory from other book stores and etc and are discreetly marked.

You should check it out here if you want to know more since they will explain it much better than I.

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